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Moments with Lynnie

Whether it was through a 15-minute haircut or an hour-long photography session, Lynnie's effortless love and joy impacted every person she ever met. With these stories, we remember her for the life she lived, the way she loved, and the happiness she brought about everywhere she went.

In the short time that I knew Lynnie, she taught me so much about kindness, love, passion, and most importantly being open minded. Every memory I have of Lynnie involves her infectious laugh, vibrant smile and her daughter Jada. There was not a single shift they worked together where I was not asked to take a photo (or a dozen) of the two of them. Lynnie was deemed one of my "bar mom's" always giving me advice, listening to my problems, offering me a hug, and never failing to lighten my mood. Lynnie is unforgettable, and will forever be carried on in my life every time I laugh, or am asked to take someone's photo.

~ Rochelle Hebert, coworker & friend

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